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Announcement of BETR Total Supply

27th April 2018

Message from the Founder and CEO, Adriaan Brink:

This week we closed up the ICO website and accounted for the final BETR tokens to be claimed. Our final token supply is just over 200 million tokens – 200,585,761 BETR.

As we come towards the end of April, I wanted to share with you where we are in terms of our token and technology development and reflect on how far we have come in the last 6 months.

We held our pre-token sale from mid-November 2017 and the ICO took place from 15th Dec 2017 16:00 UTC until 31st January 2018 18:00 UTC. In total, we sold 200,585,761 tokens raising in excess of $5m, exceeding our soft cap of $2m. 

Since the ICO, we have focused heavily on development. We have expanded our team and hired developers and Blockchain experts. The initial API framework was released a few weeks ago and we are pushing forward with development of the wallet and platform, whilst continuing to work on the BetterBetting Node (BBN). We plan to launch the first version of the platform in early June. As promised, you will be able to place bets using BETR tokens, just in time for the World Cup. This decentralised concept is revolutionary in the sports betting arena and we can’t wait to present this to punters!

I would like to thank everyone for your participation in the BETR token sale and for your continued support. I look forward to sharing this exciting BETR journey with you all.

Adriaan and the BetterBetting team