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Frequently Asked Questions


How much was raised in the ICO?

Approx $5.5m - final numbers TBA

How much was raised through private investors pre-ICO?

Approx $2m

How long did your ICO run?

From 15th Dec 2017 until 31st Jan 2018

Can I still invest?

No, ICO is now over but you can go to the exchanges we are listed on to buy your BETR tokens. Please check out the exchanges page.

Betr Token

What are your contract details?

Token Contract Address: 0x763186eb8d4856d536ed4478302971214febc6a9

Decimal: 18

Token name: BETR

Our token audit can be found here:

What are the total amount of tokens available?

Our max is 650m

Why is BETR called a token and not a coin?

BETR can be traded on exchanges like any other crypto coin, it is considered a token because it can be used to make bets. Having a purpose like this makes BETR a "utility token".


Where can I find BETR?

HitBTC, IDEX, etherdelta, Waves, Bancor, Bisq, ForkDelta - more to come! We also have our portfolio on Coinlib which tracks our trading progress.

Are you on Coinmarketcap?

It's in admin process and will announce when live. In the meantime you can find us on Coinlib which is also an index for cryptocurrencies and provides live trading prices and stats.

I tried to trade BETR on HitBTC but it said "Insufficient Funds" despite my account being very well funded…

Try moving your tokens from transferred to an exchange account.

Will you be listed on any centralised exchanges?

We have applied to a number of exchanges inlcuding those that are large, small, centralised and decentralised. Those we are currently listed on can be found on our website, and we will update this once we get confirmation from others.


What are your API specifications and how will you integrate your platforms?

The first draft of the BetterBetting API document is available here. It outlines the core functionality that we will offer to integrate with our service to lay, place, confirm and result bets on the BBN network. Updates to the API document will be published periodically when we have new features that will be supported.

When will you launch?

For the World Cup! 14th June 2018

What systems are you using?

We will be using our BBN (Better Betting Node) which is being specifically developed to facilitate the peer-to-peer betitng transaction on the blockchain. Full details can be found in our Whitepaper.

Where are you based?

Our dev team is based in Tallin, Estonia. It’s one of the most technically advanced countries in the world, practically everything can be done online, and there is a huge pool of top gaming and crypto talent.

How many people are in your development team?

Seven - we have just expanded our team.