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Better Betting Roadmap

650,000,000 Tokens

Total number of BETR’s are capped and cannot be increased now that the ICO is over.

Design and Setup

October 30 2017

Preparation for launch, PR, Corporate Technology.

Public Sales

December 15 2017

Public Sales Start

Betting API Launched

March 2018

Initial Betting API defined Token Encapsulates API. Bets can be placed using tokens.
First draft of API Document

Authentication and Identification

July 2018

Launch of Identified Layors Introduction of Authentication

Bookie Dapp

September 2018

Reference code for Bookie app released

Roadmap line following the event descriptions down

Directory V2

October 2018

True Decentralisation comes to the Directory

Launch and Presales

November 22 2017

Public Announcement, Website go live, Active marketing starts. Presales start to Institutions. Countdown to Public Sales.

Token Tradable

January 2018
Public sales ended - 31st January 2018

Final end to Public Sales if not ended sooner Token tradable within 2 weeks

Directory V1

May 2018

First version of Better Betting Node released

Betting Dapp

September 2018

Reference code for betting Dapp released